WOD: 9-24-12

Strength:  1 attempt at 100  unbroken Back Squats

WOD:  Three rounds for max reps of:

Strict Press AMRAP (95/65)
7 Push Press (95/65)


In case you had a lot of party supplies in storage, you might want to get them out.  Today will be the last time we are going through the 100 Back Squat test for some time.  Though your legs will gladly celebrate that little fact, please don’t assume that the Front Squats will be going anywhere.  There will still be 60 Front Squats on Fridays for a long time to come, they will just be wearing a different rep scheme for October.  With that out of the way let’s talk about the workout…

Today will be all upper body (sound familiar?).  Today’s workout will be a test of upper body capacity.  If the description up there doesn’t make sense, let this list help you out.

  • You are going to take the bar of the rack
  • You are going to squeeze your butt cheeks (yes, literally)
  • You are going to flex your quads (yes, literally)
  • You are going to do the Strict Press for as many reps as possible
  • You are going to do one more rep (there is always one more rep)
  • You are going to then do seven Push Presses to insure that you spent any energy you have left over
  • You are going to rest three minutes
  • You are going to repeat this twice more
  • You are going to, even if scaling, insure that you get at least 25 reps per set

Hope I shed some light into what will happen to your shoulders tomorrow.  Please be sure to squeeze and flex as listed.  This is after all a Strict Press and not a Bench Press off of your lower back.




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